The Worst Prom Dresses Ever

The Worst Prom Dresses Ever

Prom is what every teenager is waiting for in high school. This is the event that no one should miss. This is also one of the biggest highlights of a teenage life. Thus, everything from the dress, hair, and makeup to wear on the big night is perfectly planned ahead of time.

Everything needs to be perfect as this night will forever be remembered. Hence, it is important that the dress you pick is something that you can be proud of. Especially now that we are in the modern age of internet where your pictures can be digitally immortalized in social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram. Every girl would love to wear the best prom dress ever.

However, there are some who doesn’t appear to like what the norm should be when it comes to dressing up for prom night. Thus, making their outfits as some of the Worst Prom Dresses Ever. Below are 10 of the worst prom dresses ever found online in no particular order.

  1. The Pinata/Cake Gown

We’re not too sure what the original inspiration is on this one. We can’t decide whether this was inspired by a pinata or a cake. Or maybe it is a combination of both.

the worst prom dresses ever

  1. The Skanky Prom Dress

Seriously, this looks like a white cloth or blanket made to be a “dress”. Well, does it even look like a dress? Be the judge.

the worst prom dresses ever -2

  1. The Twilight Fan Dress

One of the worst prom dresses ever is, of course, from a die-hard Twilight fan. I’m not too sure if Bella would be happy to see this dress.

ugly prom dress

  1. The Blue Knight Dress

One of the worst prom dresses ever has a matching outfit for her date.

ugly prom dresses 2017

  1. The Dalmatian Dress

Is this really for a prom night or Halloween? Cruella de Vil might just love this dress.

worst prom dresses 2017

  1. The Belly Dress

First of all, the big question is: Why? We will probably not fully understand why she made this choice. She also doesn’t look like she’s happy with this ugly prom dress either.

top worst prom dresses

  1. The Las Vegas Show Outfit

Are these two going to a prom or a Las Vegas Magic show? This one doesn’t actually appear to be a prom dress or even just a dress at all.

ugly prom dresses top

  1. The Skittles Dress

We can see that she loves Skittles. We can also see why this is one of the worst prom dresses ever.

the worst prom dresses ever

  1. The Spiky Gown

She could be part of a Lady Gaga music video but definitely not a prom, though.

blue ugly prom dresses

  1. The Unknown Type

This one absolutely deserves to be on this list. We can’t even tell what this is about. Is the girl trying to wear a gown with a maternity or nursing bra? Is her date posing as a baby? Our guess will be as good as yours.


Most of the dresses and gowns on this list can very well be part of a costume event like a Halloween party. We might not understand the reasons behind these girls’ decision in wearing dresses like these, but hey, it is their life after all. We are only spectators so let us just enjoy the show.

For the parents reading this, please take the time to talk to your teenage kids before it’s too late.This the top inappropriate prom dresses of 2017.

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