Your Worry-free Guide to Prom Dress Alterations

Choosing the perfect dress, especially for important occasions like a prom, can be both exciting and daunting at the same time. Finding the right fit by going with a custom-made design sometimes entail a higher price tag wherein a majority of average-earning parents may not be able to afford. This is where preparation, creativity, resourcefulness could go a long way.

Prom dress alterations became a booming business alongside the vast availability of online clothing shops. Many get enticed with the beautiful and variety of dresses they see in online catalogs. However, not everybody gets what they see. It is disappointing that you anticipated, even looked forward to that dream prom dress, and then you saw a different one upon opening the box. Last minute frustrations like these require you to keep calm so you could find ways not to let your money just go to waste.

Your Worry-free Guide to Prom Dress Alterations

Common Emergency Prom Dress Dilemmas

Addressing these problems at the time they already happened/happening can be challenging, which could add to the pressure concerning the upcoming event. While we may not know when these mishaps will come, it is best to be prepared by knowing what to do. Here are some of the most common emergencies you should be wary, and where some basic knowledge in prom dress alterations may come in handy:

  1. The Wrong Size

The problem with ordering online is that you are not sure about the size that will best fit you. There is no universal size chart to follow, and you cannot also guarantee yourself not to gain or lose weight while waiting for your prom dress order to arrive.

The solution is to get as much information about the size of the dress from the online merchant – the length of the skirt/pants, the circumference of the waist, the bust size, etc.. But just to be sure, opt for one or two sizes larger when ordering. It is easier to apply prom dress alterations on a bigger size to make it smaller rather the other way around.

  1. The Wrong Color

This is tricky, especially when you have bought the supposed matching shoes and accessories. It might entail you to be creative with accessorizing. But if you really have to buy your shoes and accessories ahead of your dress delivery, make sure to purchase the classic or the 80s  ones which work best with any dress color.

Your Worry-free Guide to Prom Dress Alterations-2

  1. With Damage

Probably the worst thing that you may encounter with your prom dress is when it finally arrived at your doorstep, and you found out it was damaged. Depending on the extremity, it might be challenging to repair it by yourself. This is where professional prom dress alterations may be recommended instead.

When Is It Best to Go to a Professional?

As we know, prom dresses are different from casual clothing in almost all aspects – the fabric, the design intricacy, the pattern layouts, etc.. If time permits you, it is recommended that you tap a professional to do the proper prom dress alterations. This way, you avoid damaging the dress further, as these people/shops have more knowledge than you do.

You have different options for your go-to for your prom dress alterations. These include:

  1. Your neighborhood seamstress
  2. Bridal and Couture shops
  3. Seamstress referrals from friends or the online community

Now that we are in the age of the internet, the solutions for different kinds of dilemmas – prom dress alterations included, are just within our grasp. But the bottom line here is despite the possibilities of these unforeseen events, it shouldn’t deter you from anticipating and enjoying that prom moment that every teenage girl (or boy too!) will go through at least once in her (or his) life.

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