Ultimate Guide for shopping prom dresses

Hey everyone so it’s almost March which means that for a lot of you it’s that time of year where you’re looking for the perfect prom dress, and I know how stressful it can be, i was in the same position around two years ago when I had my senior prom at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York and it was so much fun.

I had a fabulous time and here’s a photo of me and my boyfriend at prom together.

shopping prom dresses

It was just such a great time, but definitely the months leading up to it were very stressful trying to find the perfect dress, perfect shoes to go with it and accessories, hair and makeup and all that jazz.

So having that experience i’ve put together a little guide on shopping  prom dresses, that includes what to look for and where to look for dresses as well as tips for finding the right one.

Stores for Shopping prom dresses

The first thing is where to look, now I know there are tons of stories out there with different sizes shapes and colors dresses so it can be really intimidating to find something that really suits you and it really depends on what kind of dress you’re going for.

I would say, if you want something that’s more a traditional prom dress I would definitely look at department stores like Macy’sDillard’sMoreStrong, Lord &Taylor, Bloomingdale’s or Hundred so you can definitely find something that’s right for you.

The best thing about department stores is that they have such a wide selection, for example Macy’s  has a shopping prom dresses section that’s like specifically for prom dresses and accessories and shoes, everything.

They have a lot of variety from long gowns too, short and sweet dresses, so department stores are really good place to start off the sort of gauge what kind of dress you want department stores also, have a really great online inventory, so even if you can’t find your size in stores there’s a really good chance you can find it online.

However the only do and I can see about shopping prom dresses in a department store is that a) prices can be really steep and b) a lot of people are going to be shopping at department stores so the last thing you want is to match with someone.

The next place i will check out his Renttherunway store, basically this amazing company that lets you borrow or rent designer dresses for a certain amount of time for a lot less than what you would be paying for them.

They have so many amazing prom dresses from brands like YourWay, Bcbg, Rebecca Taylor just to name a few.

Not only do they have dresses they also have accessories; and the cool thing is they actually have a few stores around the US where you can go in and try and address before you rented.

Shopping online is also a really good option because there are so many websites that carry a million different types of dresses, some of the more popular websites include Promgirl or the Fan Fashion, but you can also just do a search on google shopping for looking for something a little bit more unique or maybe handmade, i would definitely check out eBay or Etsy, especially Etsy because I’ve seen some really beautiful gowns on there and you’re gonna be so unique.

Of course the downside of online shopping prom dresses is that it’s very hard to gauge what size it will be. because between different stores, you might see different sizes so really the best idea is to either order a lot of different styles to try on, or order a specific style in a lot of different sizes, and keep the one that fits you best.

The next place I would look is a little bit weird but i would go check out a thrift store, and that’s actually where i got mine, i bought my dress for thirty dollars at buffalo exchange which is a New York City thrift store, it was the best purchases i’ve ever made.

Basically i got this really long heavily beaded cream gown.

shopping prom dresses


The last place i would look would actually be your mom’s or you’re aunt or your grandma closet. They probably have some beautiful vintage gowns which are collecting dust in corner in their closet so you should definitely go and ask them if they have anything that you can borrow.

My best friend she actually wore her mom’s old bridesmaid dress to prom and it was so beautiful and it also has that sort of like sentimentality attached to it.

So moving on here are some tips for finding the perfect one:

No matter what you have in mind try on everything you possibly can think about, whether you want a long dress or a short one, think about what kind of color looks best on you and keep an open mind because you might be surprised about what looks best for your body shape and your skin tone.

Make sure that it fits you well and that looks flattering on you because no matter how beautiful a dress might be, if it doesnt sit well on your body then it won’t look good.

If it’s too big or too loose in places or too long for you then go to a tailor to get it resized or hemmed because it will make a world of difference on how it sits on your body, they should know how to work with your fabrics such as like beaddings or silk or anything that you come to them with.

Another tip would be use your common sense or judgment, I personally can’t stand dresses that are really gotten looking for have like plastic looking gemstones, like all over the front, um I’m sorry if this offends, anyone but at the end of the day you know this is your prom and you should wear whatever the hell you want.

Definitely go with a really close friend when shopping prom dresses, because they know you really well and they can help you pick out things that you like and they’ll also just give you really honest insight about what they think.

And it’s also just so much fun to go shopping with the best friend and like trying each other’s dresses.

The last tip would be make sure that you’re comfortable in your dress because at the end of the day if you’re at prom and you’re just spending the whole night like pulling up in strapless dress or like cripples on the dance floor you know you’re not going to have a good time and that’s the most important thing so make sure you’re comfortable and we’ll have a blast.

So those are the tips that I have about prom dress shopping, I really hope that some of you guys found this helpful, let me know in the comments if you would like to read maybe like another article on shoes or accessories or prom hair and makeup and I’ll be thinking about doing them.

Stay well and i’ll see you guys next time I

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