Ugly Prom Dresses

Attention this is not a guide but you may consider NOT to buy a ugly prom dress like the ones bellow.

At this points is January and prom are coming, you probably look for one gorgeous prom dress who will make you Queen of the Prom. They will take pictures that they probably will look back at years later and have fond memories about.

Every now and then after proms some pictures appear on internet.

You know what I’m talking about, every year after proms, pictures appear on the Internet and you laugh with your friends, so i will show you some ugly prom dresses that made people not to go outside of their house with months.

First one, pregnancy and prom is an exciting mixture, but it doesn’t have to look bad right?

ugly prom dresses

Other girls prefer to look like some clowns at their prom, no offence but this is indeed one ugly prom dress:

ugly prom dress

wish I could show you this girl’s face when she saw this picture on internet and the comments, i almost feel sorry for her.

Another ugly prom dress we found over the internet was one white dress who from top seemed to be a gorgeous prom dress but when you look at the bottom…oh God. I mean she was wearing boots, winter boots. Take a look:

ugly prom dress

What are your thoughts on that?

Another one, they are the yellow team. He doesn’t seem to look bad but the lady next him in this picture, well she went overboard with this dress. I mean for me this is the ugliest prom dress ever.

The color is ok, i mean this yellow is kinda nice but that dress or the designer should be killed. No offense!

ugliest prom dress

The next one, NO just NO!

ugliest prom dress

The next couple love Winnie the Pooh. Who’s doesn’t. But the prom night doesn’t need to be about cartoons. She made him also to wear that Winnie the Pooh shirt.

Winnie the Pooh prom dress

There are a lot of dresses out there that look bad on you but may be looking great on another person so you need to choose carefully. You just can’t afford that this kind of pictures to appear on internet after your prom.  I know that someone needs to laugh (lol) after proms but this dresses.

This short articles should be a guide about How not to dress when you go at prom. Now I’m sure you have some pictures that look close to the ones from above, send that pictures to us and we will try to write another article on this subject. Ugly prom dresses this is how I will name this article, I’m done.

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