Top 5 Mindblowing Prom Dresses of 2017

Prom is almost here and you’ll be looking for the best dresses for the season. Long prom dresses are back for 2017, but there are a range of styles to suit different interests. These are the top 5 mindblowing prom dresses of 2017.

Top 5 Mindblowing Prom Dresses of 2017

Start Simple with a Glittery Bodice

Top 5 Mindblowing Prom Dresses of 2017

The first look is the glittery bodice dress. While the dress we’ve shared here is gold with a maroon dress, you can use a combination of any colors that you’d like. Gold and silver tend to be the most favored for the top. They create that sparkly, attention-drawing look at the top, especially with the lights on prom night.

Work with a dress color for your complexion and preferences. Pastel colors look beautiful on fair-skinned women, while the dark colors go with dark complexions. This is our most asked Prom Dresses of 2017.

Show Off with the Princess Look

Top 5 Mindblowing Prom Dresses of 2017


Prom dresses are traditionally been a time to get the Disney Princess look. Well, that is certainly the case with this mindblowing option. The form-fitting bodice with the flowing dress is elegant and eye-catching at the same time.

You can use any color that you want. Bold colors like reds, pinks, and purples work the best. Make sure the bodice is full of sequins and sparkles to catch the light during prom night.

Opt for Low Back Elegance

Top 5 Mindblowing Prom Dresses of 2017 2

This gorgeous pink dress is the epitome of elegance. It flows to the bottom and shows off the back in a seductive way. However, the nude covering will help to protect modesty and not feel like you’re completely on show.

Pastel colors work extremely well for the floral artwork on the sleeves and bodice. The chiffon dress will also help to create the flowing look to work with the petal artwork at the very bottom.

Get the Off the Shoulder Look


Top 5 Mindblowing Prom Dresses of 2017

There have been many debates and questions surrounding prom dresses in recent years. Many schools have brought in dress codes to ensure no off the shoulder dresses that reach at least the knee. Well, 2017 is the year to get an off the shoulder look without actually having an off the shoulder dress.

This style uses a chiffon neck line that covers the shoulder, in the same color as the main dress. However, the floral and elegant pattern in a darker color makes it look like the dress works across the chest line and off the shoulder. It draws the attention to strategic elements of the dress without causing controversy or dispute.

Plus, who won’t feel like a princess on prom night with the simplistic and elegant flowing dress. Just remember to pick it up to avoid it getting muddy!

Work the Two Piece Dress

Top 5 Mindblowing Prom Dresses of 2017

Two piece prom dresses are in fashion for 2017. They are gorgeous items that will allow you to show off your look and style instantly. You can choose from two piece dresses that are all the same color or two different colors for top and bottom.

This gown is mindblowing for the way that it uses the two colors. Adding in elements of the bodice color at the bottom of the dress draw the attention to a dress fit for a queen.

It’s time to get your mindblowing prom dresses of 2017 is full of various styles and colors to work your magic and feel like royalty on this very special night.

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