Tips on Choosing Plus Size Dresses According to Body Shape

Plus size dresses are good to have for the woman who wants to look sexy.The right dress can help you flaunt your assets while drawing away attention from the areas of your body that you have issues with.

plus size dresses

In buying any type of plus size clothing, it is important to understand that there is no such thing as a standard starting point for plus sizes. There would be variations depending on the store, the brand, or the designer. This means when you take a look at plus size dresses, you can’t be sure a dress with same size label as one that fit you in another store would actually fit you. It is a good measure to consult the store’s size guide so you can compare with your body’s measurements.

Choosing plus size dresses according to body shape

Body shape has a strong weight on choosing which dress to buy. Body shape is determined by the ratio of the bust, waist, and hips. A general rule would be to find a dress that would fit the largest area of your body and would tailor to the rest. There are still specific recommendations for each shape.

plus size dresses

The Inverted Triangle – fuller bust and shoulder area and the waist and bottoms are relatively smaller. V-neck or U-neckline styles would showcase your bust. If you want your hips to look balanced, a flared dress would be a good choice.

Triangle – this is obviously the opposite of inverted triangle. The bottoms are heavier while the top is smaller. Play with colors – lighter near the top, darker near the bottom. Sleeveless styles, like halter, would draw attention to your narrower shoulder area. If you want balance, dresses with large collars would be nice.

Rectangle – also called straight, this shape has little to no curves with the three areas roughly at the same size. Your aim would be to create curves. A wrap-around dress will make you achieve that. A-line dresses will also be flattering for this body shape.

Circular – most of the weight is in the waist area. Such would have a bigger tummy. Your emphasis point should be the hips and legs as they would be proportionally slender. Your key consideration is the material. It shouldn’t cling to your tummy. Good choices would be silk and cotton.

Hourglass – this is perhaps the one with the least difficulty. While most types of dresses will look nicely on an hourglass, it is best to choose plus size dresses that give focus to the narrower waistline.

What type are you?

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