prom dresses 2017 mermaid

Hey girls,

I’m Alexandra and today we will talk about prom dresses 2017 mermaid style. Many of you have sent requests to give you some tips about what mermaid dress to wear at your prom, so I made one list with top prom dresses 2017 mermaid style, i hope you like it. This dresses price is between 100 and 400$.

So, let’s begin:

prom dresses 2017 mermaid

  1. White prom dress 2017 mermaid

prom dresses 2017 mermaid

I personally love this dress, the price was 220$ so was really worthed for me. I bought this from Sherill – just search for mermaid dress 2017.

2.  Extravagant Mermaid Prom Dress 2017

Extravagant mermaid prom Dress 2017

What a dress, I absolutely love this color and the design, the price is a pain in the ass tough is around 450$ at promgirl, but is definitely worthing. Will you wear this dress at your prom/graduation?

3)  Pink Mermaid Prom Dress 2017

Pink Mermaid prom dress 2017

Isn’t she cute? Alright, I think the color should be other than pink but overall is looking quite good right? Personally, when I choose a mermaid dress for me or a client prom I go for royal blue dress or yellow, red maybe.

4) Lace Red Mermaid prom dress 2017

Lace Red Mermaid prom dress 2017

This one is about 225$ at Sherill but without the lace part on top. With lace part on you will need to pay about 15% (30$) more. It takes about 4-5 days more if you go for custom or beadings..Red isn’t the most worn color in the last years but this mermaid dress is gorgeous.

5) Black Mermaid Prom Dress 2017

black mermaid prom dress 2017

Black, for me is the most beautiful color. You can wear something black at any occasion. This gorgeous black mermaid prom dress is the 2017 model from Debs and my sister got it, it was 175$ and free shipping. Was a great deal.

This dress looks gorgeous, is simple, long (mermaid style) and it have some lace parts also, what can you ask more from a dress at 175$?

This dress can be matched with almost any accessories, scarves or shoes.

What do you think about this mermaid dresses? Which one will you wear? If you need links for buying them, just look bellow.


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