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If it’s prom season, this can only mean one thing, hunting for a Cheap Prom Dress and it’s time to start the great adventure of making preparations for the big night! Everything must be perfect – the prom dress, the shoes, the make-up, the limo and the list can go on… but all of this is going to cost money.

If you’re on a tight budget, the hunt for the perfect cheap prom dress might prove to be quite tricky. So how can you make sure that you will be the belle of the ball, without having to spend a fortune? We’re about to offer some good alternatives which do not involve buying overpriced designer formal dresses.


First of all, keep in mind the following thing: a cheap prom dress doesn’t always mean an ugly or plain dress. It’s all about the place that sells or makes it.



Unfortunately, lots of people are still against the idea of second hand shops, even though buying a used cheap prom dress has so many pros. If the idea of wearing a piece of fabric which previously touched a stranger’s skin makes you uncomfortable, please keep in mind that in this day and age, the clothes are thoroughly cleaned before being put up for sale.

Most of them look just like new dresses, and that is partly true. Most dresses are being worn just once. Besides, there are lots of stores which donate merchandise, so you have the chance to actually find brand new formal dresses, with the original department store tags still attached to them.

There are also the unlucky girls who order their dresses online, and they turn out to be the wrong size or just a lot different than what they were hoping for. Sometimes, those dresses will go straight to a second hand shop – still brand new!

Do you need more reasons for going to a thrift store? Then think about one of the darkest nightmares of a girl making the preparations for prom: what if other girls will be wearing the exact same dress? There’s a huge chance to meet your accidental twin at the prom if you choose a famous chain store, that’s a sure thing.

You might then say that the second hand dresses might have gone out of style then? That’s quite unlikely actually. Elegance never goes out of style! Besides, the more original, the more attention you will get.

prom dress

And since we’re talking about used dresses, it’s always worth asking your family and friends if they have any suggestions from their own closet. Most girls buy formal dresses, wear them once, then throw them back into the closet to sit there forever and gather dust. How sad! There is no shame in giving a new life to a beautiful piece of clothing which was only worn once or maybe a couple of times. The true shame would be letting it go to waste.


No matter if you are planning to ask for a dress made from scratch or if you found a cheap prom dress which was maybe just too plain for your taste and needs some jazzing up or that is maybe just the wrong size, tailoring is most of the time a cheap alternative.

For a brand new tailored dress, you have the advantage of choosing your own fabric and color, and of course the design! Again, you can sleep peacefully at night knowing that no other girl will show up at the prom wearing the exact copy of your cute outfit.

If you instead choose to actually modify a dress that you’ve bought cheap but doesn’t look quite like your dream princess dress, then a good tailor is your answer. Chop it, drape it, sew it or simply decorate it into your perfect prom dress. The same goes for cheap and cute dresses that are not your size. A professional tailor will know how to fit it and make it look like the dress was especially created for you.

A good tailor is not always easy to find, but if you spend some time doing some research, asking your friends and family if they know anyone or simply look online for good tailors in your area, you will end up with a unique dress which will lead to you being the center of attention all night long, without having to spend your college savings.



Depending on where you live, you can find tons of websites which sell cheap prom dresses to shop online for your dream dress – usually a lot cheaper than what you would find in a store. Just make sure that they are shipping to your area, and that the dress will come in time for you to return it or have it modified by a tailor before the big night.

Besides, online shopping is a lot faster than physically going to a store and being the dreadful handpicking, one by one. Just scroll, click, zoom and add to cart! It’s all so simple, and a whole lot less time consuming. And let’s not forget why we’re here: look out of the discounts or the online stores that are on the cheap side.

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The best thing about not spending a fortune on a dress which you will most likely only wear once is that you will end up having some “left over” money for other fun things! Why not spend more on the limo or get a professional artist to do your make-up? And don’t forget the shoes, clutch and other trendy accessories to complete the look. These can also get pricey, and a little more complicated and risky to look for them in a thrift shop. So more money for these items is always welcome!


Preparing for your prom is a huge deal and some people spend shocking amounts of money on a dress to impress! However, if you’re looking to step out in style but without breaking the bank, there are ways to get a quality prom dress without the huge outlay.

Read on for tips on getting the best deals plus a few hints for looking perfect without the millionaire price tag.

How to Choose a Cheap Prom Dress

  1. Shop the Sales Early On

Even in countries where prom wasn’t a big thing, it’s starting to come up on the high streets radar. This means that many companies will put the price of dresses up at the end of term.

Our advice would be to shop for your prom dress early. Some lucky prom queens have reported getting an absolute bargain on Black Friday or in the January sales. This is because that’s when the demand for prom dresses is at its lowest.

  1. Watch Out for Voucher Codes

If you spot a dress that you love, it’s almost always worth coming back home, going online and checking out just how low the price could be.

Just by entering a simple search on Google like “shop + discount code”, you could grab a rather nice 10% off, just for looking!

That sounds like a sweet prom deal to us!

  1. Cashback deals

Depending on where you live, your mileage may vary with this one. Many popular brands have deals with top cash back sites to earn you up to 10% off the price of shopping online.

It often takes a few weeks for the savings to hit your bank account, but you’ll have the satisfaction of shaving a few more dollars off your bill.

  1. Don’t be Scared by High Street Fashion

I know, sometimes you want to purchase something really special! However, that doesn’t mean general high street brands can’t deliver the goods. As I mentioned earlier, even lower end fashion chains are really catching onto the prom dress trend and this means you’ll get awesome quality, without paying high prices.

The only issue here, is that you might buy the same dress as someone else! Please tread carefully!

  1. Get Inspiration First

Probably the worst thing you can do with a prom dress is go shopping a few weeks before the date. If you really want to get something special you should ideally search online first. Social networks like Pinterest and Instagram are perfect for getting ideas and occasionally, you’ll spot dresses on offer before anyone else does!

The other bonus to all this research, is that you’ll narrow down your choices to probably a small number of brands/shops. This means you can narrow down your voucher code and sale search too, getting you the best deal and a dress you’ll really love!

  1. Try a Variety of Dresses on First

Sounds obvious, yet internet shopping can sometimes ignore the whole concept of trying on clothes before buying – a big no!

Instead, try on a number of dresses without any inclination to buy. What you’re looking for is the right fit, feel and something that makes you look special. It’s worth looking at different fabrics too and getting a rough idea of what you love.

Personally, we would try on some dresses during the inspiration phase of your search. Like I said before, you don’t want to buy just yet, you’re simply getting an idea of what’s going to look gorgeous on you!

cheap prom dresses

Choosing the Final Dress

Once you’ve discovered the perfect cut, fabric you love and have a style in mind, it’s time to get a great deal!

Follow all the tips listed above, go hunting for voucher codes and also don’t be scared to ask on Facebook groups or forums to get an idea when certain brands have sales. The great thing about starting your cheap prom dress search early is that you’ll have time to hit the sales and wait for that perfect discount to come along.

Whatever you do, please don’t leave it until a few weeks from prom date! You’ll end up fighting with other prom queens for the same overpriced items.

That’s never a cool look for a prom queen!


Now don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your fairytale prom night, with your date and friends. Make memories to last a lifetime. Dance, take photos, share them on Facebook and Instagram and watch as everyone is complimenting your adorable outfit.

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