How to Have the Perfect Look during Spring Break

Party in the U.S.A: How to Have the Perfect Look during Spring Break

Spring is here. It’s the season where colorful flowers bloom and show their vibrant colors. It’s the season where most animals come out of their hiding places to enjoy the warm atmosphere brought on by spring. Spring is here, and a lot of women are on their heels on choosing what to wear in such a joyful and momentous season.

In the U.S., Spring Break is celebrated by a lot of students. It’s an academic tradition that finds its roots since the late 1930’s. Teens see this as a break from the studying in college and universities. Spring Break season is one of the most awaited events in most cities in the United States.

Due to the overwhelming number of students that participate in spring break festivities, cities or towns prepare a lot regarding financing, structural requirements, and security. Although cities are not responsible for the actions of students, they are still in charge of overall security and safety of everyone, including the locals.

A lot of wet and wild parties happen, and liquor is available to almost anyone. For women, it’s about enjoying and releasing stress before the start of the semester. A woman’s clothing is part of that fun. Here are some tips for the women and ladies in spring break.



An emerging trend in today’s spring breakers is by wearing sports team clothing. The most popular are NBA and College football jerseys. These pieces of clothing can double as bikini cover-ups for women. A good idea for wearing these uniforms is to match the city or state where you’re currently spending spring break.

For example, spring breakers in Florida can wear former Miami Heat Dwyane Wade’s jersey. It pays attention to know a bit of NBA history when you’re wearing such clothing. Even though D-Wade is with the Chicago Bulls right now, he won championships for Miami. Therefore it still keeps the history and lore alive.

A big no when wearing a jersey in a city or state is when it’s a rival team’s jersey. Ladies, if you’re unsure, always ask your guy friends about the matter. You wouldn’t want to wear a Reggie Miller Indiana Pacers Jersey in New York.

Crop Tops

Crop tops

The sun is up, and ladies are showing their belly rings, and belly buttons are trends that refuse to die down. Crop tops are good ideas for beach and casual wear because it covers the chest while not entirely covering everything.

These tops are also usually made of cotton, a breathable fabric that allows circulation of air towards the body. When choosing to wear clothing like this, bright colors are good choices because it reflects away heat.

High Waisted Shorts

High Waisted Shorts

This clothing was famous in the late 70’s and is firmly making a comeback. A lot of ladies are now sporting the look for the last two years, and this year’s not different. It’s easy to wear and is very comfortable. It also is very easy to pair up with your bikini.

Caps and Sunglasses

Caps and Sunglasses

Snapbacks are good protectors against the sun. Shades or sunglasses, on the other hand, provide protection from the bright rays of the sun. Pairing both caps and shades is never a bad idea because they always look so stylish.

Bathing Suits

Bathing Suits

For a lot of ladies, it’s always a fun idea to mix and match bikinis. A trendy fad with the girls this year is to pair up two different pieces to create a daring look. Choosing a single solid color then pairing it up with a garment that has patterns is a good idea to look chic during spring break.


Spring is a time to have fun. A better way to show that is by celebrating Spring Break. It’s a time for most students to unwind from the stressful semester during college. It’s a time to let loose and relax.

Fashion is always a big deal when it comes to spring break. Ladies can find a lot of clothing that goes extremely well with partying. Clothing such as NBA Jerseys and Snapbacks are perfect choices to look stylish.

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