Gothic prom dresses

Are you a gothic prom dresses lover? We surely are!

Let be fair, not all the people love shiny dresses, clothes in general – some of us are gothic lovers and we like shady colors. People are complaining about this culture, but being goth is a nice and normal thing in 2017.

gothic dresses lover

Gothic prom dresses

After all what gothic means?

Just in a few words, we are a subculture that is found in many countries these days. Rock and Punk are our religions!

At the end of the day, we are normal people but, everyone with his tastes. When it comes to gothic prom dresses it may seem to be a lack of choices. Not too many prom dresses stores have a gothic collection.

gothic prom dresses style

In fact, you don’t even need to chase for stores with an exclusivist line for gothic girls, you can find some gorgeous gothic prom dresses at every store. Some dark, mysterious dresses at Macy’s witch are between 100 and 200$- that means affordable prices.

DareDevil has some nice black vintage dresses and some purple old fashion – gothic style also. The point is, you don’t need to hunt for gothic style, you can find them next to the door.

gothic prom dresses

If you are looking for a variety of gothic clothes, you can go online, there are some big store’s who sells exclusive gothic prom dresses.

First time i was looking for some dresses on a gothic store i realised that almost 80% are black and i contacted customer support, just for fun and to see their answer about this, which was: If you Asking one average person to tell you something about Gothic fashion, one of the first words out of his or her mouth would probably be “black, well they are somehow right. I love black gothic dresses.

My honest opinion is that gothic fashion still remains somewhat misinterpreted. Hope you like our pictures, they all are selected by me from “normal stores” as some people will say, and are perfect for a gothic prom night.



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