Experience a Classic Revolution Through an 80s Party Dress

One of the most prominent legacies of the year 1980 is the wild style we discovered during that time. From the 80s Party Dress, there is also the big puffy permed hair style, and also the all-out color combination with makeup looks.

The 80s is indeed a revolutionary period; the protests and social interventions that filled the streets were big and loud. Along with this uprising and activism, the same boldness inspired people’s clothing. Fashion at that time became a symbol of freedom in will and expression.

80s Party Dress

To complement the gathering on the streets, people also went extreme with their parties. Women, most importantly, created a higher standard on party outfits.

The 80s introduced the world to a new and different opportunity in fashion. It gave us an inspiration for us to create what we have now in our time.

The 80s gave Birth to a Whole New World of Style

The “Less is more” slogan that women in the year 1970s believed in was considered to be an understatement for the women in the 1980s. Women in the 80s were into a more complicated 80s Party Dress – more combinations, more patterns, and more accessories.

Big wavy dresses were a hit. Girl’s wear cocktail dresses with shoulder pads and extended flowy bottoms in their prom parties. More sequins and beading mean prettier and better.

Casual night parties will end up looking like a fashion show because women will always attempt to put together the most bizarre dress they can create.


Mix and Match with Colors

The 80s Party Dress exemplified the beauty of color combination. From traditional black-and-white matching from the previous generation, to the chance they gave for the green with orange, and red with the blue mix combinations.

80s Party Dress -2

The 80s was the year for neon colors. People from the era said that the neon’s way of loudly representing each color corresponds to the way they want to be heard.

The 80s era was absolutely a bright one. Even the 80s prom dresses were fabulous.

Patterns‘ Uprising

Alongside bright colors is the loud pattern they put on their outfits. A lot of Picasso-inspired designed were exhibited on dresses and bags.

Even sewed patches and pins were used to accessorize party and casual dresses.

Iconic Fashion Figure of the 80s

Famous names that are considered fashion icons of this era are Princess Diana, Madonna, Jane Fonda, and Joan Collins.

Princess Diana deserves all the praises for the standard that she reached with her style; she’s a trendsetter that opened the eyes of many, and we thank her for that.

The Queen of Pop, Madonna, broke boundaries with her combinations; she gave life to tutu skirts and leather made dresses. An 80s party will not be complete without a Madonna hint on it.

Actresses Jane Fonda and Joan Collins embody their styles in the shows they starred on. Women raved about their characters’ styles which also match their personalities.

Indeed, the 80s Party Dress designs were greatly influenced by the fashion that Hollywood showcased.


The 19th-century fashion is a form of statement; it portrays a message. It also symbolizes and represents a deeper meaning for the people who lived in that era.

The events that occurred in the 80s were significant steps towards reaching a more civilized community. It discovered opportunities and freedom that the past did not show. It allowed self-expression and creativity to come to life, which became evident in its fashion.

Today’s fashion will never be this way if not for the inspirations created then. The wonders brought to us by the 80s Party Dress, street wears, hair styles, and cosmetics are undoubtedly iconic and worthy to be lauded and remembered.

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