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About us – Who is DressesAgent ?

About us -DressesAgent was started in 2013 as a small fashion dresses boutique. We hadn’t experience at that time on how the online market works so we went slowly. Our philosophy was simple, we didn’t take fashion or life too seriously. We still don’t do it as we think that family and friends are more important in life, but we do our job correctly and we try to satisfy our customers and readers.

As we had one  online store in the beginning, we stopped that and focus on offline selling but through social media channels, as we actively promote our dresses on our:

Working in the fashion niche for us means that we have to stay up to date with the latest trends. We are focusing even on plus size dresses now as we have alot of requests.

In the next few weeks we will focus on cheap prom dresses and prom dresses under 100$ also as we seen that people are asking for it.

About us ?

Our team continues to amaze us every day with they’re ideas of new dresses concepts and new collections. We give them some credits and let them try new prototypes as they are creative, agile and hard working people. Check our social media accounts for pictures with our dresses concepts of our team.

If you see something you like, tell us and maybe we can do something about’it. You can reach us from our Contact Page.

We believe fashion is a business of optimism, and in that spirit we continue to grow and evolve every day through your feedback.

How can you support us ?

You can help us by sharing our articles , pictures and videos with your friends and by spreading the word about us. Also you can follow us on our social media to see the latest news and trends in fashion.

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About us