1950s Dresses Inspiration

1950s Dresses

1950s Dresses style is the favorite line for designers due to the feminine air and its gentility. We love those years because they were years of perfect elegance. It was the era of mythical silhouettes, the golden age of Haute Couture.

This new look is traced of the Christian Dior’s vision that inspires future fashion goods, such as Yves Saint Laurent and “Palais Galliera”.

They celebrated the generous feminine curves from that decade, highlighted by stylists.

Inspired during the 1950s and by the style of American celebrities who marked the fashion world forever (Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Onassis), retro style dresses are those elegant outfits that can be worn today by women who want to flaunt with pride their silhouette.

1950’s Dresses style means above all femininity, elegance and originality, which is why the golden age of Hollywood is now present in fashion trends. Retro style is characterized by ample skirts, boat dresses that leave little sight of the collarbone, but also long loose dresses with attractive necklines.

When and Where to wear 1950s Dresses

Worn any time of day, but especially on special themed occasions like vintage retro 50s dresses style or for parties in December, for weddings, anniversaries and other memorable occasions. Whether you need an evening gown or a cocktail dress, retro dresses won’t disappoint you.

In the early 1950’s evening dresses were large, voluminous skirts, A-shaped patterns that drew out the waistline. Also, the design put emphasis on the bust, which was accounted for those years as a scandalous element.

1950s Dress

The characteristics of the 50’s style are dresses (known as 1950s Dresses) in floral prints or polka dots, flared and tight in the waist, with the top molded on the bust.

Flared skirts or pencil, molded, with the length slightly below the knees. The pièce de résistance are the gloves, usually short and matching the outfit. The jackets were arched on the waist and the sweaters were simple or embroidered.

Another important accessory was the scarf and of course, the purse. Women wore high heels or ballet flats. Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor or Marilyn Monroe are just a few of the stars who made headlines in 1950, setting fashion trends. Here are some outfits from which you can create your own style!

Vintage clothing offers countless possibilities of combining them with actual clothing from the latest collections for getting a modern and original look.

Let’s find what vintage pieces are perfect for this year and can be combined extremely well with pieces in this season trends.

Vintage Accesories

One thing that surely you cannot fail are accessories. Especially if you are a beginner in terms of vintage, this is the safest way to wear it.

The condition is to wear a single product in this style, as long as you’re not a collector of these articles, it is quite hard to find products that will be part of the same style and that look good worn together.

Hats will have a dual role, giving you a chic air. Belts, brooches or vintage scarves will complete an outfit, being the exact detail that you need to be the center of attention.

A pair of shoes in this style will become the centerpiece of an outfit and also have the advantage of being very comfortable due to small or medium heels.

Pleated skirts and dresses have the advantage of offering elegance and an air of formal style, without being too masculine. Such a garment is a timeless piece, which deserves the investment.

Trying to resist the charm of a pencil dresses is an almost impossible task. So, take your sex appeal conferred by a pencil dress and dare to include it in your formal or casual wardrobe!

Along with a biker jacket or a structured overlay crop top, pencil dress becomes the star piece in a spring outfit that perfectly combines vintage style with rebel air of the moment!

How to choose the right type pencil dress for your silhouette? If you have an hourglass figure or pear, you cannot go wrong choosing a pencil dress that follows the body line.

However, if you have an androgynous physical conformation, a variant with peplum pencil dress will give you as saying “Va-Va-Voom!” hourglass silhouette effect!

Who says you have to wear a corset to create an hourglass figure that could arouse envy of every woman? The Cross Over Dress gives you the same effect without the discomfort caused by close ties of a corset! Such a dress can represent an outfit in itself, for a special event, so you can forget about the care of unfortunate associations.

1950s Dresses make you look back with nostalgia, even if you were not even born at the time.




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